• The Secret Life of a Chocolate Bar

    Teacher Background Chocolate has not always come in the sweet creamy consistency we know and love today. Originally, chocolate was used as a beverage and had a bitter taste. It took hundreds of years before people created the chocolate bar. The ancient Olmecs of southern Mexico first used chocolate as a drink for the wealthy. The Mayans considered it a

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  • American Values and Beliefs

    Teacher Background The purpose of this week is to tie the celebrations and symbols of the United States to the underlying core values that they represent. Vocabulary Allegiance: being loyal Patriotism: a feeling of love for your country Pledge: a promise Pledge of Allegiance: a promise we make to be loyal to our country Think Deeply National symbols can help

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  • Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities

    Teacher Background Students should understand the differences between the rights and the responsibilities of citizens. Vocabulary Civil Rights: the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality. Economic Rights: financial choices and privileges individuals have without government prohibition. Economic rights include the right to own property, change employment, operate a business, and join a labor union. Inalienable Rights

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  • The Candy Bomber Of Berlin

    Teacher Background: After the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945, the Allied Powers divided Germany into territories or zones. The German capital of Berlin was divided into military zones as well. These zones would be governed by the military of the assigned country. But there was conflict among the Russian leadership and the British, French, and American allies. Russia

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  • Collaborative Conversations Using the Jigsaw Strategy

    Grade Levels: K-8 Social Studies Strands: Civics/Government, Geography, Economics, & History Why: (Purpose) Deep Learning Collaborative conversations foster effective communication and collaboration skills. Depending on the nature and topic of conversation, they have the potential to foster critical thinking, citizenship, and creativity as well. Higher Student Achievement This strategy has a significant and positive effect on student achievement by engaging

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  • Using Local Historical Societies with Elementary Students

    Every family collects objects from their lives. Objects that make work easier. Objects to meet needs. Objects to satisfy wants. Objects that evoke memories. They have meaning as they represent the collective history of a family. Just as a family keeps these objects in a home, a community keeps its meaningful historical objects in archives and libraries, or often, in

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  • Formative Assessment

    Why: (Purpose) Cooperative Learning Encourages responsibility and self-management Ability to modify instruction to increase learning Deep Learning Self-directed learning Effective communication Empowering students to lead their own learning Developing academic mindsets Higher Student Achievement Promotes critical thinking, reasoning, and summarizing Increases retention for “expert” material Greater Engagement Students are directly connected with the material Responsibility = increased focus Intentional goal

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  • Stop and Jot Strategy

    Grade Levels: 1-6 Social Studies Strands: All Why: (Purpose) Deep learning Students will be able to dive deeper into the text Student engagement This strategy will help students be actively engaged in reading What: (Description of the Strategy) The Stop and Jot Strategy helps students monitor their comprehension while reading. As students read a section of text, they underline important

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  • Economic Choices

    Teacher Background To make economic choices, students need to understand the value of work, and how it provides income so people can purchase the things that they need and want. People get to make choices about earning, spending, saving money, and where to live and work. Vocabulary Budget: a plan on how to spend the money we earn. Notes for

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  • Secret Lives of Objects Lesson Plan: Harriet Tubman’s Journal

    Teacher Background Harriet Tubman was born enslaved by a Maryland plantation owner. Hardships and mistreatment by her enslaver were her existence until the day she decided that being free was all that was important to her. When Tubman escaped from Maryland to be a free person, she became part of a network of support for other freedom seekers, called the

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