Using Google Books for Research

A student uses Google Books for Research

Grade Levels: All Social Studies Strands: All Why: (Purpose) Deep Learning Research provides students the opportunity to explore subjects in depth, and gives them skills in differentiating between reliable sources Higher Student Achievement These free resources are available at many levels for all students, and encourage self-guided discovery Student...


Four Corners Teaching Strategy

Grade Levels: All Social Studies Strands:  All Why: (Purpose) Cooperative Learning Promotes peer-to-peer discussion Encourages decision-making, self-management, and listening Deep Learning Collaborative learning Effective communication Developing academic mindsets and assessment skills Higher Student Achievement Promotes critical thinking and reasoning Allows students to align their learning Increases and reinforces communication...


Active Reading Strategies

Grades: 1-5 Social Studies Strands: Civics and Government, Geography, Economics, History Why: (Purpose) Deep learning Self-directed learning Effective communication Collaboration Higher student achievement Students are able to construct meaning from the text Develop critical thinking skills Reading accountability Greater engagement Students become involved with the text; construct meaning Solidify...


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