Monitoring a student’s progress provides teachers with information to improve instruction as well as celebrate student progress and achievement.

Your Studies Weekly Online reporting feature allows you to:

  1. Collect Useful Performance Data on individual students, classrooms, and schools.
  2. Improve Teacher Instruction based on student data.
  3. Ensure Achievement for Every Student by providing student assistance in achieving personal academic goals.
  4. Identify Students at Risk for reteaching and intervention opportunities.

Studies Weekly provides many options for helping students progress using Classroom Reports, Parent Accounts, Adjusting Audio Speeds, Lesson Plans, Coins and Gems, and much much more.

Here are 4 ways to monitor Students with your Studies Weekly Online Account:

  • First, log in to your online account
    • Go to
    • Enter username (email address)
    • Enter password
    • Click Login
  • In the blue menu bar select the Classes tab

To Manage Reports

This area allows you to monitor your students’ online progress

Click the Reports tab

View the statistics by individual students or the class as a whole

To Manage Parents

This tab is for teachers who would like parents to be able to view their students’ online progress. To use:

  • Click the Manage Parents tab

  • Click Add Parent
  • Enter parent name
  • Enter parent email
  • Click Send Invite

To Turn Off Games

  • Click on the gear icon on the right-hand side of the green menu bar

  • Click the toggle next to the game to turn off/on each game
    • Crosswords
    • Mis-Spilled
    • Rev Rat Cage
    • Explorers
  • Green means student WILL see that game
  • Red means students will NOT see that game

Adjusting the Audio Reader

It is simple for teachers and students to adjust the speed of the audio reader tool.

  • In the blue menu bar select the Publications Tab

  • Select the publication, week and article that you would like to read
  • The audio reader is found at the top of each article
  • Simply click the play button to have the article read aloud and the text highlighted

  • To adjust the reading speed click on the turtle icon next to the audio reader
  • A pop-up box will appear
  • Select a slower speed by moving up the list towards the turtle
  • Select a faster speed by moving down the list towards the rabbit

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