Studies Weekly and Google Classroom

Studies Weekly has built-in Google Classroom integration. It is easy to use once you have your roster set up correctly. To do that, you need to make sure that as you are entering students in your Studies Weekly that you use their Google Classroom email as the user name in your SW class. If you have already rostered students, you will need to manually change the usernames to the Google Classroom email.

Once you have the students set up correctly, you are ready to integrate Studies Weekly content into your Google Classroom. To do this, you go to an article in SW. You will see a Google Classroom icon in the upper left corner of the article. You click on that icon, and you select the Classroom you want to share it to and click “Go!” This will take you to the Classroom assignment page where you can add notes, points, instructions, due dates, etc. Once you have entered that information, click “Assign.” The assignment now shows up in your students’ Classroom stream.

You can also assign specific resources from Studies Weekly to your Classroom. To do this, you simply look for the Google Classroom icon on each source. You can even assign your assessments in the Classroom in the same way. Just keep your eyes peeled for that Classroom logo.

Of course, Studies Weekly has some great resources to help you see how to get this set up and working with Classroom.

This first article takes you through the process of adding students to your Studies Weekly class and implementing Classroom integration.

The second article takes you through all of the integration steps to get the content you want into your Classroom.

If you use Studies Weekly and Google Classroom, why wouldn’t you integrate? It is a great way to keep things simplified for both you and your students.

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