Building Empathy Through Inquiry

Students hugging

Teacher Background In this lesson, students will assess other perspectives and build their own idea of empathy toward others through inquiry. Vocabulary Empathy: The ability to understand the feelings of others Notes for Teacher The desire to help others usually involves empathy. It moves a student’s inquiry beyond communicating conclusions...


Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities

Students Voting

Teacher Background Students should understand the differences between the rights and the responsibilities of citizens. Vocabulary Civil Rights: the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality. Economic Rights: financial choices and privileges individuals have without government prohibition. Economic rights include the right to own property, change...


Collaborative Conversations Using the Jigsaw Strategy

Students talking in group.

Grade Levels: K-8 Social Studies Strands: Civics/Government, Geography, Economics, & History Why: (Purpose) Deep Learning Collaborative conversations foster effective communication and collaboration skills. Depending on the nature and topic of conversation, they have the potential to foster critical thinking, citizenship, and creativity as well. Higher Student Achievement This strategy...


Using Local Historical Societies with Elementary Students

A table full of historical objects.

Every family collects objects from their lives. Objects that make work easier. Objects to meet needs. Objects to satisfy wants. Objects that evoke memories. They have meaning as they represent the collective history of a family. Just as a family keeps these objects in a home, a community keeps...


Formative Assessment

Teacher helping student with class work.

Why: (Purpose) Cooperative Learning Encourages responsibility and self-management Ability to modify instruction to increase learning Deep Learning Self-directed learning Effective communication Empowering students to lead their own learning Developing academic mindsets Higher Student Achievement Promotes critical thinking, reasoning, and summarizing Increases retention for “expert” material Greater Engagement Students are...


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